I’m trying to setup a dns but I don’t know what to put in the value field?

I suspect that all you need to worry about is setting the name servers to point to dreamhost. Go to the registrar’s site (the people you pay to keep the domain name) and you’ll need to change the DNS or name servers to point to

If that’s not what you’re talking about, you’ll need to procide us with some details.


We are hosted by dreamhost - sanctasophia.org. I’m trying to give our off campus sites the ability to update their pages they have on our site. I thought it would be a good idea to give them each a dns so they would be able to logon and do their own thing

Um, you shouldn’t be fiddling with the dns settings (which is bad if you really don’t know what you’re doing or why). If you want people to be able to upload their own pages and stuff maybe what you want to do is install some sort of script to let people upload to your space. That would be a lot easier (and making custom dns settings isn’t what you should be doing in any case). I don’t know what sort of stuff you have on your website but have you thought about using cms? (content management system) this way you can have user accounts and give them access to a wide range of things on the site that they can alter(or not based on the permissions you give). That would be much easier for you. You can take a look at Open Sourch CMS and they list some good ones (i personally recommend drupal, I use it on all of my sites).

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Yes, cms would be one possibility, but ALL I wanted to know is what information do I put in the value field when I’m setting up a dns, is it my hosted IP address?

DNS is not what you want to do for allowing other people to upload. You would use DNS to point a sub-domain of your site an other hosting server, or to set all E-mail to be sent to your own servers. adding a DNS entry won’t let people access their parts of the site, but you could set it so they would have to have their own servers and host their part of the site locally.

A CMS is one possibility to do this, also you can look into direcotry remapping for users. With dreamhost only one user has access to the files associated with the domain. So you can share that one user/pass if you want. Or with direcotyr remapping you can set up users, and remap a direcoty they can access to be part of the domain.

Alternativly, you could set up subdomains for each campus, and give each one a different user/pass.

If you’re determined to go on with the DNS settings, which you really shouldn’t, check out this wiki article And this K-base article


No, you’re right. I’m going to go with the subdomain. Thanks