DNS zone file failed


I host few domains successfully on Dreamhost, though I have some other registrar for the domain name.

After successfully prepared the domain full hosting, I input the registrar about the new name servers :


After waiting few weeks, it seems, from the registrar support, that the problem comes from Dreamhost. It says that "the list of the servers i sent (ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com) does not match the list from the zone (ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, ns3.dreamhost.com).

=> ns1.dreamhost.com/

==> FAIL "

Anyone got or could explain this problem ? This registrar only allows me to input two name servers.


What registrar? I’ve never heard of that happening before; every registrar I’ve seen has either allowed 3+ nameservers or accepted the fact that you couldn’t list them all.

Oxyd.fr, a French registrar.

Dreamhost checked and replied me they can connect to them but it seems Oxyd cannot reach Dreamhost NS ( ns1 (2)(3).dreamhost.com ).


I got news updates about the domains :

I got ‘fatal’ error :

---- fatal ----

Server doesn’t listen/answer on port 53 for TCP protocol Ref: IETF RFC1035
(p.32 4.2. Transport)

The DNS assumes that messages will be transmitted as datagrams or in a byte
stream carried by a virtual circuit. While virtual circuits can be used for
any DNS activity, datagrams are preferred for queries due to their lower
overhead and better performance.

=> ns2.dreamhost.com/

Anyone heard about this failure ? The registrar suggests me to contact AFNIC, and I have absolutely no idea what to request them.