DNS/Wordpress question


Hi - I’m very new to website creation, and I’m having trouble getting started.

Yesterday, I registered a domain with Namecheap, and opened a hosting account here at DH. I changed the DNS at Namecheap to the 3 DH nameservers. I’ve done the custom 1-click Wordpress install, but when I click on the links in the email sent by DH (to create a WP user, etc.), I get a ‘Server Error in Application “PARK YOUR DOMAIN CMS”’ page, and when I visit my site it still has the Namecheap “This domain was recently registered at namecheap.com. Please check back later” message.

Is this all because the DNS change hasn’t propagated yet, or is there something else I need to do?


Sometimes you just have to wait for dns to propagate. We can’t give you much input on whats going wrong if you don’t tell us your url too btw.