DNS with and without 'www' returns different IPs

I run the web site fearkiller.net. I switched over the DNS and at this time has now had 24 hours to propogate. During an “nslookup” on both the “www.fearkiller.net” and “fearkiller.net” I noticed they return different IP addresses.

www.fearkiller.net -
fearkiller.net -

fearkiller.net” resolves to the dreamhost site and “www.fearkiller.net” resolves to my previous host. I am currently at a different location as well at the time. When I was at home, the domain seemed to function properly, but I’ll reverify that again when I return home at the end of the night.

Is this normal for these to return two different IPs after a 24 hour period or at all for that matter? If anyone could please take a few minutes to post an nslookup of what they got for these it would be well appreciated as well.

Thank you for your time and help in this situation.

The DNS has propagated, its just that sometimes its served by the dreamhost nameserver, other times its served by the powweb.com nameserver. Will probably take some time for the powweb.com records to expire.

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