DNS Update Script


I realise that the scripts that were made to update a user’s DNS records are not supported officially but when I use the perl script (found here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Dynamic_DNS#Dynamic_DNS_via_local_perl_script it does not give me any errors. However, when I check the DNS record in the webpanel it is not there at all. I tried setting it manually in the web panel but after I run the DNS update script, the record disappears completely.

Currently I run the perl script using CLI options through AppleScript (to get the IP and pass it into the CLI string so it’s not fetching the IP itself).
Any ideas?

Use Panel instead. Probably not what you wanted to hear - but it actually works :wink:

I’m looking for an automated DNS solution, though.

What is it that you want to accomplish, specifically? There might be a better safer approach.

What I wanted was a script that checked my server’s IP and if it had changed then it would update the DNS address accordingly.

Though I’ve just found a new solution and it works.

would you mind to share your solution?