DNS Transfer

Why is it that I have to transfer my DNS in order to use the hosting services? I manage my own DNS using my own DNS servers and could very easily just add the A record for www and still be able to fully manage the remainder of my DNS information. Once transferred, I become dependent upon outside DNS servers as well as lose all of the flexibility of managing my own DNS.
Thank you.

You can manage your own if you want, but we don’t guarantee that we won’t change something without notice; if we change your site’s IP, your site would stop working. Adding a unique IP to your plan will make this less likely to happen, but it still could happen (without notice). If you wanted to, you could make a little script to query our nameservers for certain records and check if they’ve changed (and even update them if you have access to your primary nameserver).

What features of managing your own DNS wouldn’t you be able to keep after transferring your site to us? We have a custom DNS management panel which lets you add at least common RR types from the web-based interface; even if you’re on a CDI plan which doesn’t include this, if you ask support nicely, they might just add this feature for you. We’re also happy to manually add records for customers (within reason) if their plan doesn’t include this feature.

You also may run into problems if you plan on adding MySQL hostnames or plan on accessing other services (mail, etc.) from our service.

Overall, there are ways to work around most of these issues, however our system does kind of make the assumption that we’re authoritative for domains we host, so you may run into unexpected problems if you do your own DNS. As long as you’re willing to deal with that risk, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Thanks for the response. For starters, I’m willing to deal with the risk. If it becomes an issue, we’ll address it at that point. What IP do I need to point www to for domain prismgroupltd.com? What needs to be done to obtain a unique IP on the plan, if we decide to go that route?


Being curious by nature, I’d like to ask what reasons you have for doing DNS yourself but keeping the site hosted?
I could imagine that you would want to host both your DNS and your site, but I don’t see how it could make sense to have the DNS on your site while using a hosting provider.
Can you briefly explain this?

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Actually, we use a third party DNS service for all of our clients. Either way, the answer to my question would be the same, whether I said we hosted our own or used another provider. The goal is to not have to move DNS just so DH can host their website. By keeping all of our clients on the same DNS service, it makes our jobs in managing their networks and DNS much easier. We have one place to go instead of 150.

As for the second half of your question, most of my customers have small networks with limited internet bandwidth, so they need to host their websites externally. They’ll get much better web performance and uptime by outsourcing the hosting instead of trying to do it in house. Plus the cost ends up being less in the long run.


Sorry for asking again, but I’m still curious. If you have lots of clients, and you use DH to host one/some of them and host the others elsewhere, you would indeed end up with a fragmented portfolio. Why not then gather everything at one hosting provider that you find best? Then you would have all clients in one place, all DNS in the same place, and just one provider to deal with.

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We manage their networks. We do not deal with web hosting or web content. Our clients outsource that to different providers of their choice.

I have one client that is using a web content provider that uses DH to host his websites. This provider wants me to move DNS for the client to DH, which I’m refusing to do, as it does not make sense. From my standpoint, all the web content provider needs from DNS is the location of www and @ - the rest of DNS does not matter to him, but does to me. Hence, the source of my questions, our can I appease him yet maintain control.

Also, even if we did handle the web portion, it would not be as easy as gathering them under one hosting provider. Different companies have different needs and budgets which have to be considered when recommending a hosting solution (or any solution for that matter). Some would be happy with a 7.95 solution where others will require a 100.00 solution.


Thanks for the insight.

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