DNS Transfer problems

I transferred the DNS servers for my client this morning and within 30 minutes on my iPhone i could see the content from the Dreamhost server.

it is now 7.5 hours later I visit the website on my computers and dns servers haven’t changed. Now even the iPhone is not redirecting.

I’ve triple checked my registrar details and the name servers are correct, I’ve also refreshed my DNS in my Dreamhost panel.

I transfer domains all the time as i use .com.au’s for a few clients. It has never taken more than 2 hours to transfer in the past (note this is a different registrar to usual).

Is there any other steps I can take other than those taken?

Thank you in advance.

Note: the URL is http://www.jettblack.com.au.

The site I have designed and built is black, and the current standby site by the previous designer on the other server is white.

Over 12 hours now.

It definitely worked on my iphone earlier as the different page title is still in the history.

Registrar is pointing to:

I purchased a new hosting account for the domain on dreamhost

This is killllling my productivity.

It’s working for me. As DNS propagates, your site will come and go for a bit, but within three days, it’ll be completely settled in. I’m in Los Angeles and DNS changes are pretty quick. I also use OpenDNS for my home DNS.

You’ve done everything right and now just have to wait.