DNS: Switching www to external host

I’ve got a domain (example.com) that has a somewhat complex setup:

DH hosted (sub)domains:

DH manually-entered DNS items:
beta.example.com (point to non-DH server)
html.example.com (point to non-DH server)

The directory structure of the DH-hosted items is:
~/example.com (www.example.com and example.com)
~/example.com/blogs (blogs.example.com)

The problem I am running into is that I need to get example.com and www.example.com to point to the same IP as beta.example.com (non-DH), but keep blogs.example.com hosted with DH. Why? Because I am going to be migrating the website at beta.example.com to www.example.com, and the website code has to stay on the external server.

I think I need to deactivate the example.com entry on the DH Manage Domains panel page in order remove the example.com and www.example.com DNS entries. This should allow me to manually add new example.com and www.example.com entries pointing to the external server, I believe.

The problem with this? I would really like to keep blogs.example.com hosted on DH! I believe by deactivating the DH panel page entry, that subdomain would be killed off as well.

I know I’ve put far too many “example.com”'s in the text above, but I just wanted to be as explicit as possible. I hope someone can provide some input for me.

Thank you,