DNS setup, strange interface


Hello folks,
I have been a dreamhoster for a month but this is my first visit to the forum.
A customer of mine bought a domain at tol.it, I need to setup its DNS to point to my dreamhost space. Unluckily, this registrar user interface is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Here’s a screen of the DNS setup as I found them:


The middle column accepts only “M C A X” as values. I don’t see where and if I could change the nameservers here. Anyway, here’s how I setup the DNS:


The DNS don’t seem to work yet; it might be due to propagation, but I can’t be sure, for I really don’t have a clue about this interface.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance,


It’s not really strange, just foreign. DreamHost has a similar interface of its own!

There are two types of service regarding DNS: registrar and hosting. You have to update the registrar company with the nameserver information. The nameservers point to the computers at the company that is doing the DNS hosting. Once you got DNS hosted you get to add DNS records for the mail and subdomains etc.

So what you are looking at is their DNS hosting configuration page. You need to get to their DNS registration page instead.

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The tol customer service has been very prompt; they set up the DNS for me. Here’s the configuration, in case someone meets a similar interface sooner or later:


All well that ends well :slight_smile:


That will work. Just keep an important notice for that domain. DreamHost might change the IP address (ie, move you to a different machine or cluster) and if they do then you have to determine what the new IP address is and go back to that page and update it with the new IP address.

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