DNS setup for .NL domains


I’m wondering if there are people having trouble using DH’s DNS-servers concerning .NL domains. It seems I can get all my non-NL domains to work in order, but when it comes to .NL domains it’s a 3 day hassle; changing NS-servers constantly, init-failures etc. I need to figure out where this goes wrong as I’m about to transfer a bundle. The ‘usual’ error-message I get is that DH’s servers are out of sync (could be redundancy/location, no biggy), but the real annoying one is that it reports that DH’s server don’t know about my domain. (Yes, it’s setup correctly on both sides). Anyone know how to cure this? This is only for .NL domains, not the .com/.info/etc…


** Summary: REJECTED xxxxxx.nl.
Some problems need to be fixed:

  • Some of your name servers cannot be used (are broken).
    ** Full check report: