DNS Settings

A co-worker has purchased a domain on DreamHost however I want to use my dedicated server that I own for the hosting account. I can’t seem to edit my DNS information for some reason on this particular URL since we didn’t end up using it with a hosting account.

Any help or instructions on pointing my domain to another server that DreamHost doesn’t own would be amazing. Chat is down for support and I can’t work until I get this done.



If your running your own name servers you would want to have your co-worker log into the his dreamhost account and set the nameservers for the domain to yours.

If you not running your own nameservers then you would want to have your co-worker log into the his dreamhost account and set an A record to point to your servers IP, or a CNAME record if you have a domain name that points to yourserver somewhere else. The advantage of CNAME over A is that if your IP address changes you won’t have to log back into the dreamhost account to update the DNS on your co-workers account.

I can log in as my co-worker. I just need to know where to go to edit my CNAME settings of the domain. My domain doesn’t seem to have a DNS link under it like the ones being hosted by DreamHost.

so if your co-workers account has other domains hosted at dreamhost, and you are trying to point a name that is not appearing on manage domains, click the button at the top that says Add domain or sub-domain, after the next page loads don’t start filling anything out in the top section just scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and fill in the domain name and push the button that say “Host DNS only”

Under Manage Domains I see the domain under the section that says “Registered domains without hosting” But I can’t edit the CNAME to where I want it to point to.

I tried going to “Add domain or sub-domain” and tying the same domain in there but I had no such luck it threw an error since I already have that domain I under the “Registered” section.

maybe someone else will come along that has a “Registered domains without hosting” section on their manage domains page. I don’t actually have your exact situation at play on my account. I have some entries I’ve pointed outside dreamhost but in each of those cases I also have portions of the domain hosted at dreamhost.

Yea I usually purchase my domains at a domain registrar and they make it quite easy. But, since my co-worker did purchased the domains, things are a bit un-organized and I’m not for sure how dream host does things. Thanks so much for your time and help! I really appreciate it!!!