DNS settings - site @ DH and email @ GoDaddy?

Hi all,

I have a client who is in love with GoDaddy. I hate GoDaddy (GD) for a variety of reasons, plus I love Dreamhost. Anyway, client wants to host site on GD, and I’ve been trying to set the site up for a week with not so stellar results. Client has several email addys with GD. I’d like to move site hosting to Dreamhost, but leave email at GD.

My question: If I set the specific DNS records at GD (NS? A? CNAME? not sure which) with Dreamhost’s DNS settings, would the client domain name resolve to Dreamhosts servers, but leave the email at GD?

Sorry if this is a stupid question-- I obviously don’t know too much about DNS.

Thanks in advance for any info!!


Colin Pritchard
Rocket No. 9

I am not very good at this. Probably you can wait for other replies.

You can have your website and email hosted in different places. To do that, you will need to modify your DNS (for website) and MX (for email) records.

For your case, DNS record should point to Dreamhost and MX record should point to Godaddy.

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Thanks for your help. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I got it figured out-- I set up the hosting at DH and then got the IP address of the site on DH’s servers. I then entered that into the A record at GoDaddy. Of course, if DH changes the IP address of the site, then I’m screwed.

Colin Pritchard
Rocket No. 9

You should modify your DNS at Godaddy and point it to


Then, you should add the new domain to your hosting plan which I believe you have done so.

You will need to give some time for DNS propagation. Changing DNS record is better than changing A record.

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Sorry for jumping in, I need to do it the reverse way : mail @ DH and web @ Another…
I asked here about a week ago but got no reply… I guess my question was not clear (How to configure a domain for hosting mail only at DH - 06/25/08)

So how should I configure DNS at DH to host only mail for a domain ?

Tricky, but may be possible, provided your web hosting provider allows you to change DNS records, specifically the MX record. This is still a kind of messy procedure, and will probably not provide desirable results.

You have to keep your primary DNS at the web-hosting provider (that is, your domain registration nameservers should point to your web hosting provider). The reason for that is that DH doesn’t allow you to futz with the web hosting portion of your domain record.

Once you’ve added the domain to DH you’ll be able to see its associated DNS entries in the DNS section of the DH control panel; copy the the “A” record for mail (an IP address) and the MX records (usually two FQDNs) into the DNS control panel of your web hosting provider.

Caveat 1: DH probably won’t be able to offer much in the way of support for such an arrangement.
Caveat 2: Popular ISPs like AOL, Comcast, etc. will probably NOT accept mail from you as this arrangement will almost certainly foul the rDNS (reverse DNS) lookup of the record which they require to match your primary domain record - this is a restrictive anti-spam measure that I’ve run into before.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Is there something more tricky in this than in the original poster requirements (ie is it not same but reverse situation ?)

What you described is what I did and it work well…

I add a third caveat :

The mail user agents can’t use mydomain.com as server to retrieve mail@mydomain.com. (it looks like outlook express doesn’t use the MX record when retrieving mail) But it works with the IP of the DH server instead…

Or is there another solution to this ?

Using mydomain.com for retrieving mail won’t even work if you’re using DreamHost for mail. It needs to be “mail.mydomain.com” for incoming and outgoing mail. This is outlined in the wiki:


thanks Scott for this reminder !