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I registered a new domain yesterday and need some help.
I want to redirect my blogspot blog to it (please don’t get into the wp vs blogger thing I’m THAT much a newb when it comes to this stuff lol)
Anyway blogspot says I need to change something in the DNS to make a Cname and an Aname. I cannot figure out where to go to make these changes.
I have looked everywhere in the control panel for it and it only shows I can edit dns stuff for my hosted domains here.
Any help would be so appreciated.

[quote]Anyway blogspot says I need to change something in the DNS to make a Cname and an Aname. I cannot figure out where to go to make these changes.
I have looked everywhere in the control panel for it and it only shows I can edit dns stuff for my hosted domains here.[/quote]
Believe it or not you answered your own question.

There are three services:

  1. registration
  2. DNS
  3. Hosting (whether it be email, web, jabber, etc)

And at DH #2 and #3 are a packaged deal. Well you could setup a subdomain CNAME and then redirect the domain to the subdomain. Or sign up with an outfit that offers DNS-only service and point the domain to use their nameservers.

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So you HAVE to register your domain to do anything with those settings, and at that point might as well move the whole blog over here then? Oh.

You have to HOST you domain here to be able to modify your DNS. It can be registered anywhere, but you do need a registered domain. You can still keep your blog over at blogspot.

But first, create a Fully Hosted domain, such as temp.example.com. Make sure it’s a subdomain, and not the main domain. That will create DNS records for example.com where you can add a CNAME that points to blogspot.


I apologize for being a cranky pants earlier. I have been having the week from…well you get it.
So I think I got stuff figured out for the most part.
I have my domain www.illegallysighted.com redirect to my blog illegallysighted.blogspot.com but is there a way that when people click on my headers and posts the blogspot address won’t show in their address bar?
Does that make sense or am I just out of it?

The CNAME setup is supposed to take care of this. The user will hit the DNS here which will redirect it to grab your content from blogspot. Blogspot is supposed to recognize that the request is for illegallysighted.com and then play along like it’s illegallysighted.com and not hint that it’s really at blogspot.

You’re basically redirecting your users to blogspot, and blogspot is supposed to respond as illegallysighted.com if blogspot is properly configured.


OK when I tried to setup the cname it told me that I couldn’t have 2. So I take out the one that already exists and create another if I understand correctly?
I think what i did is took the easy way out and redirected my illegallysighted.com to blogspot for now. I want to make sure I get it all right.

So I set up the CName and Aname for blogspot
Then I have blogspot redirect to illegallysighted.com (not the other way around which I have right now.)
and all should work correctly?

Something like that. The CNAME is like a redirect to send people from here over to Blogspot. And at the Blogspot, they need to create an illegallysighted.com alias for illegallysighted.blogspot.com

I’m not sure why you need an A record, since you can’t have both an A record and a CNAME for the same entry. An A record for www.illegallysighted.blogspot.com would say “This is the IP address, and that’s that” whereas a CNAME for www.illegallysighted.blogspot.com would say “Redirect to illegallysighted.blogspot.com.”


Here is what blogspot says to do

  1. Log in to your account on your hosting service’s website, and go to the DNS management page.
    Since CNAME records are special Domain Name Service (DNS) records, they may be in sections such as DNS Management or Name Server Management. It’s possible that you will have to enable advanced settings to create a CNAME record.
  2. Delete existing CNAME entries for the address you want to use with your blog.
    Before entering a new CNAME record to point to Google, you should first delete any existing entries for the same alias. If you plan to transfer an existing web address to Blogger, you may want to copy any content currently at that address elsewhere first.
  3. Use the information in the following table when you create your CNAME record.
    If your service requires you to enter server information directly into the DNS tables, the entry below needs to have a type CNAME associated with them.

Host Name/Alias


So I went in and tried that and it says that I can only have 1 entry by any name ( I guess with the www) so I left out the www and tried that and it says CNAME can only be used for subdomains!

I have two CNAMEs for an external site. I use an asterisk, *, for one, and www for the other. Both would the same value of ghs.google.com

Note that this for a domain that only had an existing subdomain, so I didn’t already have an entry for www.


After all this PITA I am going with what i know and that’s the wordpress lol.
Now how do I stop the redirect to my blogger. When I take the blogspot url out of redirect it tells me I need to redirect it somewhere. I have tried the support wiki and can’t come up with anything

You’ll have to create a Fully Hosted Domain. If you haven’t already cleared out the DNS records for the main site, you’ll have to do that first. The Fully Hosted installation will gripe if you still have work to do first.


I really want to thank you for all of your help! I don’t think I could have learned so much without your guidance! I am learning all of this as I go and it’s people like you who make the learning experience a lot less frustrating!

This is why I abandoned Blogger for WP a long time ago.

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