DNS Server


I’m very new to webhosts. I just recently switched to this site today! I have no idea how I’m suppose to change my dns… I have an existing domain from another site i chose to transfer it over at sign up for this site. so I’m not exactly sure where I have to go to change it…

any help would be greatly appreciated


If you actually chose to transfer the domain registration during the sign-up procedure, you should not have to set the DNS servers at all. Once you have been notified that the domain transfer has completed, the domain should already be configured to use the DreamHost name servers. You can track the progress of the transfer in the panel at Domains -> Reg. Transfer.

Once the transfer has completed, you may need to add the newly transferred domain to the hosting system via the panel at Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add new domain / sub-domain, but since you transferred the domain during the sign-up procedure, this may be automatically done for you.

Good luck.


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