DNS server not hosted?


I got an email saying this:

Sorry! We were not able to process your request for a Let’s Encrypt certificate for (mysite) It does not appear that you are hosting DNS or the website with us.
DNS and/or web hosting is necessary to prove domain ownership, which is required for getting a Let’s Encrypt certificate in an automated fashion.
You will need to:

Have the DNS for your domain, pointing at our webservers (you will need to contact your DNS provider for changing this). See the Dreamhost Host overview article to find your website’s IP address
Use DreamHost’s Nameservers (you will need to contact your DNS provider about changing this).

The following article provides links on how to update your nameservers at popular hosting companies: How do I change my nameservers at my current host?
If you have any questions or concerns, you can submit a ticket, open a LiveChat, or request for phone support here!

what does this mean??!



The message you received is to notify you that the SSL certificate you tried to set up on your domain can not be installed because the DNS for that site is not pointed to DreamHost. You will need to update your nameservers for your domain to point to DreamHost if you’d like to use the SSL certificate. You can do that by following our help article:

If you need further assistance, please contact our support team from your DreamHost panel via this link:


Thank you!