DNS Secondary and Tertiary Servers Uses

Is it possible to have DNS informatoin controlled by two or more sets of DNS servers through the secondary and tertiary servers listings?

For instance, I own a domain name through another host but want part of it to be set up through dreamhost. Would it be possible to set the secondary or tertiary DNS information to dreamhost’s DNS server?

A more clear example might be as follows:

I want to set up something like this, the subdomain is on the left, the host is on the right.
www.domain.com - another host
sub1.domain.com - another host
sub2.domain.com - dreamhost.com

Would this be doable by setting up either the secondary or tertiary DNS servers for domain.com to point to dreamhosts DNS servers?

You can do what you’re asking, but it’s done with DNS records, not by using different name servers. Secondary nameservers are for fault tolerance, not for something like this.

In the zone file for your domain, add additional A records for sub1 and sub2 with the IP address(es) of the server(s) that are hosting them. If your DNS is here at Dreamhost, you’ll do this in the DNS section of the control panel.

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