DNS resolution/slow SquirrelMail

I’m a new DreamHost customer with several domains. Through my NIC service (pairNIC), I’ve switched all domains to DreamHost by entering the standard DNS info for each domain:


However, the following two things happen when I enter the info exactly as it appears above and submit it:

  1. The IP addresses are not retained (only NS names appear).
  2. The order is tweaked. The DNS names appear in this order, even though I enter the three servers in correct order:


My questions follow:

  1. Is it OK that only the NS names are retained or should I complain to pairNIC?
  2. Is this order OK or will it cause problems? (Should I complain to pairNIC?)
  3. My fiancee, who has an account at one of my domains, uses SquirrelMail for her messages. She has complained that it seems rather slow from her office (fast connection). I tested this out and it does seem a bit sluggish, so I’m wondering if this may be related to these DNS oddities. Does that make sense?

Feel free to do a whois gabeanderson.com to see what I mean about order of DNS servers.


Domain Name Servers:

Created: June 9, 1998
Modified: July 26, 2002
Expires: June 8, 2005

SquirrelMail has been painfully slow for me today, too. Not typical in my (short, positive) experience.

The hostname (not the IP address) is what matters, since the IP addresses (for our nameservers) are defined at the GTLD root servers by our registrar (ie the one for ‘newdream.net’).

The order is irrelevant.

Any slowness with Squirrelmail is not related to any of this.

Thanks, haggis and will, for your quick and informative answers to my drawn-out questions. :slight_smile: Good to know.


PS - the slow webmail is most likely because we lost a mail machine a couple of days ago in one of our mail clusters. We’ve replaced it with a hot spare, so the load should be going back down again, and Webmail should be working a bit better.

Webmail is blistering fast just now. That’s the way we like it :slight_smile:
– Rocket J. Squirrel.