DNS Registered elsewhere, hosted on Dreamhost?

Hi all,

Is it possible with DreamHost to have a domain on a different nameserver, and have it point to my account.

With most hosts, you just set up a virtual host, and point the other NS entry to the IP of your host, but it dosnt look like I can do that with DreamHost. Is this correct?

If I understand you right, you want to register a domain name elsewhere other than with DH, but still have it hosted with DH? If yes, then as long as the domain name is pointed at DH’s nameservers, then it’ll work. IE: you can register through anything like godaddie or whoever you choose, so long as the registrar knows the information it needs is held on DH’s nameservers.

You can set up your own DNS to point to your DH server’s IP address if you want to, but that isn’t as reliable, as your IP address may not remain the same. If they have to change their network topography any, or move you to another server, then your DNS will be broken until you update it manually, which needs another 24 hours or there abouts to propigate.

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Thanks for that, I had jsut worked it out as you posted.

I delegated the domain with the other company to ns1.dreamhost.com, n2, etc.

Also just ran a nslookup on ns1.dreamhost.com and it points to an IP. I was missing a logical step. Now just to wait to propagate :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply, you were spot on.

Just a small word of caution here: Don’t rely on that IP address too much; unless you have paid extra for a static IP address (I think it is currently USD 3.99 per month), it is dynamically assigned by Dreamhost and is subject to change at any time. :wink: