DNS redirect/mirror question

I’ve volunteered to create the school PTA website, and after a ton of work we discover that the BoE won’t host our small static site on their servers. So my question is how I could go about doing this through my account here on dreamhost.

I’m debating whether or not to actually get a domain for the pta and the host it on my own account. The idea is thus:

domain www.ptayyy.org jumps to subdirectory /ptayyy in my account. The url in the browser stays as ptayyy. In other words, no one can tell (or easily tell) that it’s actually being hosted on my own personal domain. I guess I could live with mydomain.com/ptayyy being served as a frame within ptayyy.org, but how would I set that up thru the webpanel?

Since I have free subdomains, I could also make ptayyy.org point (or is that mirror?) ptayyy.mydomain.com and again the folks visiting would only see ptayyy.org in their browser, links, etc.

And since I need to get ptayyy.org the domain in the first place, does it make more sense to get it through DH or can I go to say godaddy if they’re cheaper?

Any advice? Am I overlooking a shortcut here that would make all this much simpler to implement?

Thanks much!

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You can register your domain name whereever you want. Here at DH it’s $25/yr, but some people like keeping all their accounts in one place. GoDaddy is having a $7.95 sale right now for .com domain names.

Have you checked out your DH plan and made sure that you’re using all of your available hosted domains? Even the Crazy Insane lets you host three domains.

Your to-the-point reply made me realize I was indeed missing the obvious! Thanks! :slight_smile: