DNS Records

Back story: Previous SysAdmin hosted my company through re-seller via HostGator (he was the reseller that my company was buying hosting from…). Guy left in a bad way, didn’t leave too much in the way of passwords or documentation. He feels he is owed money, and has changed the admin password on the email hosting, and ignored my polite requests to either provide me the information or reset the administrator password. So I was locked out of administering email.

We get started on migrating to a new host+domain. Come in this morning…the guy appears to have reset the passwords for all users email accounts. We are dead in the water without email as it is our core communication to our customers.

Registered a domain yesterday, and today I am setting up Microsoft Hosted Exchange online. I have most of it setup and ready, except I am having issues getting Outlook to auto-discover the server settings, citing DNS issues. This is extremely important I get this taken care of and get them back up and running; we have a few users working with Outlook Online for the time being, but I need these DNS/auto-discover issues resolved so I can configure ~30 Outlook clients before I leave tonight.

Put in a ticket with support at ~9:00AM EST and Tweeted @DreamHostCares

Outlook Online/O365 wanted me to make these DNS entries:

Everything looks to be all set (I added the CNAME entry myself as I was tired of waiting for Dreamhost support…)

CNAME/Auto-discover connectivity test:

So it appears I am still having nagging DNS issues somehow that is preventing auto-discover from finding the mail server settings and auto-populating them into Outlook.

I understand Dreamhost is busy (saw the outage issues yesterday), but I really would like to get this taken care of as soon as possible.

Edit: Also, should have looked around before I registered my domain with Dreamhost, the fact that I cannot pick up the phone and speak with support is incredibly frustrating. I left GoDaddy before due to terrible experiences, but at least you could get a hold of someone on the phone relatively quickly. I do like the fact that it was created by fellow SomethingAwful goons, so I’m going to give it a chance and see where it goes.

To be fair this really isn’t a dreamhost support issue. Your having issues with a 3rd party product, that they don’t even host. Outlook/microsoft support can see your DNS entries using online tools tofind out if you’ve done it correctly and tell you what to correct. They may not be able to describe step-by -step how to in the dreamhost panel, but they can lookup your work.

perhaps you were waiting for DNS propagation which while often quicker can take 12-24 hours. I used past tense because using an online tool http://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/autodiscover.cssfreezers.com it looks like it’s done propagating now. Retry and see if it works now?

Oh I understand, and I’m not raging upset at Dreamhost, but on the other hand I put in a ticket for a simple (or at least I thought it was) ticket 7hrs ago, only part of it was done and I had decided to try and finish it myself, and the ticket is still open. Just a little frustrating when you are sitting waiting for support that’s all.

I am hoping that this should propagate down in time, and I’m going to keep verifying and retrying

Actually propagation is complete for the records that are there. HOWEVER: the text record that is there appears to be different than the txt record requested. (comparing the first 2 images.)

I see now you have added the spf TXT record and it has propgated, is it all working out for you now?