DNS records for registered (and not hosted) domains

I recently moved hosting for a domain to DreamHost, and a little later transferred registration for that domain to DreamHost as well. There’s a second domain that is not hosted or registered at DreamHost that’s actually not hosted anywhere–it’s registered elsewhere and forwards to the domain that’s at DreamHost.

I want to transfer registration for this second domain to DreamHost as well, but want to make sure that I have access to DNS records for domains that are merely registered (and not hosted) at DreamHost. (There’s a subdomain that I need a CNAME record for, and MX records need to be set for Gmail.)

I notice that for the domain that’s already at DreamHost, the DNS records are listed under “All hosted domains on this account” (note use of word “hosted”), while if I go to “Registrations” I just see “WHOIS” records. So, I just want to make sure before transferring the second domain to DreamHost that I can get at the DNS records if it’s registered with DreamHost but not hosted there.


Go to the manage domains page in the panel, and click the “add new domain / sub-domain” button at the top. Note that there are many “sections” to the page that follows. Each of those sections allows you to add the domain to the dreamhost system in various ways. You might want to add it now as Re-directed or DNS only. Next step head over to where ever it’s registered and change the nameservers to dreamhosts. Then you can start the registration transfer process.