DNS Records for Mixed Hosting



Hi all. I am setting up a mixed hosting solution to meet my needs, but seem to not fully understand what I need to do to my DNS to make this work. Here is what I am doing, and what I need help with is below.

I have my main website at example.com hosted at Dreamhost. I also host my email from there as well. I would like to keep this setup. However, I need to host some subdomains from my local network. I have port forwarding, firewalls, etc. already configured. However, because I do not have a static IP address, I am using no-ip for dynamic DNS services. I will have multiple (a lot) subdomains hosted out of my local network, with a need for prompt IP updates, so I am moving the primary DNS functions to no-ip. The problem that I am facing is trying to get my mail records properly inserted into no-ip so that I can keep my Dreamhost hosting for the primary site and email.

The A record for example.com is already set, and I will insert a dynamic DNS client in that server to update the A record at no-ip accordingly if Dreamhost ever changes my IP address. I also have my MX records inserted properly. I have also set up A records for mail.example.com, mailboxes.example.com, webmail.example.com, and MX records for mail.example.com in addition to the primary just example.com MX records.

Next thing I need to accomplish is getting the DKIM records inserted. I have two, it appears. Both are TXT records, one called _domainkey with a value of o=~; r=postmaster@example.com and the other is called example.com._domainkey with a value of k=rsa; p=ABCdefHIJ...

Okay, this is all great, except that I cannot seem to enter these values into no-ip. No matter which way I enter the selector, it comes back saying Invalid Selector Name. I have attempted with example.com, example.com., example.com._domainkey, and example.com._domainkey.example.com Unfortunately, none of them work and come back with the same error. According to MXToolbox, my records at Dreamhost are correct.

Does anyone else have any experience doing something similar to this?


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