DNS Questions

Ok, I’m in the process of moving multiple domains to Dreamhosting.

Quick question.
How do I get my computer (Vista) to use the dreamhosting DNS so I can checkout that everything is working correctly even before the DNS change has propagated through the net ?

I.E. I originally used xyz.com to register the domain name, and changed the DNS from my old host to ns1,ns2,ns3 dreamhosting.com
But it can take 24-48 hours for it to propagate through the internet.
But I’d like to have my computer use the dreamhosting dns to verify that the sites are working correctly

It will take a lot longer than that for you to be able to reach your sites with that setup! You need to set your DNS to “ns1,ns2,ns3 dreamhost.com” to have any chance of it working. :wink:

Once you get that sorted, check out this DH Wiki article on viewing your site before DNS changes for a couple of ways (including using your own hosts file) to see the site before it goes “live”.


Sorry, mistyped (but they can be dangerous :smiley: )
But they are set to

First 2 domains of my transfer have moved on through, still got a few more in the wings.

[quote]Sorry, mistyped (but they can be dangerous :smiley: )
But they are set to ns1.dreamhost.com …"[/quote]
Ha ha , good deal! I thought that might be the case, but you never know. I only mentioned it because I didn’t want you to wait and wait only to have to do them over! :slight_smile:


Usually the propagation is pretty quick with Dreamhost. I had been with 1&1 for the last year and it often took 24-48 hours, but I’ve usually been up and running with DH in less than an hour after setting up the domain! And when I register a new domain through DH, I have seen them show up on the web with my uploaded site in about 10 minutes!

I don’t think it is special DH mojo either… I think some registrars and hosts artificially cause the process to take longer because they have automated scripts that run batch orders at some intervals, and DH just runs the order as you make the changes, so all of the ISPS can pick up the changes in closer to real time.

Just experienced another example of what I said above tonight (or this morning… it’s 4:30AM here!). At 3:36AM I pressed the “make it happen” button to register a new domain in the Dreamhost panel, and at 3:50AM I could view the simple index placeholder I made by going to the domain name in my browser… that’s FAST!!!

At 1&1 or GoDaddy, I would still be waiting for the registration to complete!

He he he … that is nice indeed. I had a similar experience ealier also:

I registered lprefugees.com (yep!) and was browsing the default index in a browser, via DNS, in less that 20 minutes total. Sweet! :wink:


lprefugees? I thought you were people with large collections of vinyl.

I think that having your site show up in DNS in a very short amount of time is just a luck of the draw as far as when a DNS update takes place. At least with a new registration, it’s likely to happen faster than for a domain transfer.


Ha ha ha ! That’s a “sister organization” with issues of their own! :wink:

I think you are right about that, but I still celebrate when it comes up almost immediately (though it has caught me off-guard without content completely ready, like this morning, on occasion).

I have found that is almost always the case!


Well ALL my domains have been moved to DreamHost
So far so good.
Few changes in how my .htaccess files had to be coded (none of my PHP Images worked at first :smiley: )

Turns out instead of
ForceType x-httpd-php
I had to use
ForceType application/x-httpd-php

Yeah … little adjustments often have to be made when changing hosts. I’m glad to see you got things sorted out and working! :slight_smile: