DNS questions

I currently have a game server that I host off my own home connection, which is a dynamic ip address. I currently use no-ip services to redirect a registered domain name to the game server. I want to open a web forum and download area for updates and patches, but I’m wondering if the web server has a specific ip address that I could redirect to using my no-ip account? That way, I can still use my dynamic ip address at home for the game, and use DH to host my forum and files, while still using my domain name.

You can choose to buy a dedicated IP. That will be semi-static. Read the Hosting options for more information.
It says something about custom DNS on the comparison chart, and in the glossary, so have a look there too.

Btw, if you are just using DH for forum/files then why do you need a static IP? You can just use your URL to direct people here.

The easier way would be to point DNS for the domain to our nameservers, create a hostname within no-ip.com (blah.no-ip.com), and then point a CNAME (alias) from blahblah.example.com (your domain) to blah.no-ip.com.

That’s what I usually recommend people do in situations like this.

Hope this helps.