DNS question

I want to apologize in advance for this question.

If a domain is registered elsewhere and the NS has been changed:


The domain shows up under Mange domains in the control panel.
Are there any changes/configurations that need to take place on the DH end?

I’m not sure what you mean by the question, as various “changes” may need to be made depending upon what you are trying to do. :wink:

If the goal is to simply make that domain available on the web, it sounds like you have completed the necessary steps. Of course, you still need to put your content “online” by uploading it to the domain’s directory in your user space, but once that is done, and the DNS updates have been completed across the internet, you should be able to browse to your content on DH by pointing your browser to your domain.

Does that answer your question, or were you thinking of something else?


Thanks for the reply rlparker.

Yes I’m simply trying to make the domain available on the web.

Right now it is not.

The individuals I’m doing this for insists that the DNS updates have been completed across the internet, and the reason they are getting the “domain.com can’t be found” message must be due to incorrect configuration on the DH end.

They (the individuals) say that the NS records on the parent server are correct. And that this confirms that there must be a problem with DH configurations

It has not quite been 72 hours.

Hmmm…can you share the url/domain name so that we can check a few things? Even with the DNS set to Dreamhost’s nameservers on the registrar. it might mot be reachable via certain systems/routes - updating is “funky” that way and sometimes it is reachable by some days before it is reachable by another.