DNS question

I originally started hosting a site with static HTML pages and have recently implemented a PHPbb forum on the site.

There is no need for my old “index.html” page now so I was wondering how to automatically have the DNS forward that particular domain to the new directory.

IE: I have:


But want it to auto-forward to:



You can put a .htaccess file in your www root folder. The .htaccess can perform many useful tasks, including redirecting the browser to a different URL. Just create a new text file and save it with the file name “.htaccess” – if you use Windows, be sure to save it WITH those quotes or otherwise Windows will append .txt to the file name, and you don’t want that. It’s just a normal file that you can then upload to your website. The file needs to have one line that looks like this:

Redirect permanent /index.htm http://yourdomainname.com/forum/

Make sure that the last URL is WITH the entire http://… address and the first URL is WITHOUT it, like the example here.

You might want to Google for .htaccess to find loads of useful information – or start in our DH knowledge base.


Thanks Torben! Worked great.