DNS PTR Records?

So I’m trying to set-up an e-mail server on my instance, and one thing I’ve come across is the need for a PTR record, however it seems as though Dreamhost currently only allows this to be configured when a static IP address is added to a host.

Of course, instances have a fixed IP address, but presumably the Dreamhost panel has no concept of this, so no PTR record is available.

Is there a way to add this, or will I need to create a support ticket for my domain(s)?

It might be something worth opening up for DreamCompute too, or somehow allow us to associate domains with instances so we can do it.

If you add an A record to the DreamHost control panel, in Domains -> Manage Domains, then click [dns], using the floating ip, that domain or subdomain will turn into a PTR record automatically within 24 hours or so. If you see it taking longer let us know.

When you have multiple A records pointing to a single floating ip, it may be random which one is made the PTR record. In that case contact support and we can modify the priority in the database to have it pick your preferred domain.

Is there a way to do this with a domain not hosted by dreamhost?

Same as above: add the domain to your DreamHost Panel and add the DNS records there. There’s no way for us to search for DNS records in other servers, so you need to create DNS records in our panel for us to set up reverse DNS.

I’ve added my domain to the panel and setup an A record pointing to the ip address that was assigned to my instance(on US EAST 2) but the reverse is still giving ip-x-x-x-x.dreamhost.com. I added it several days ago so figured it should have changed by now. Do I have to point my nameservers to the dreamhost nameservers for the backend to pick it up (really trying to avoid that honestly)?

Sorry to hear that that didn’t work for you. Please put in a support ticket with the ip and the subdomain you want and I would be happy to check it out and force it through.