DNS propogation, too long

I’ve had to deal with this quite a lot. But DNS propagation in this age, seems like 4-8hrs to be able to start using a *.dreamhosters.com domain seems silly.

I’d say waiting 30mins to 1hr for something like that is acceptable, but often times seems like have to wait til the following day before being to see change in DNS.

I’m sure there might be a technical reason for TTL or propagation needing to take that long, but come on now =)

Just suggestion to see if anything can be improved in that aspect. Good luck.

I find that new records are available very quickly, they aren’t cached. So using a new dreamhosters.com sub-domain should not be making you wait.

Making a change, if the record is cached the old record does live until the cache expires. That could take up to 4 hours with dreamhost generated records.

Propagation often seems like a verb, an action that is happaning pushing records about the Internet. In fact, propagation is really a noun describing a thing or idea, it’s a passive process. It’s a little more complicated than this but the basic idea is your computer says "I need an address for example.dreamhosters.com, it first looks in it own cache for a non-expired record, if it doesn’t find one it asks it’s designated DNS server, that servers checks to see if it already has a non-expired cached record, and if it doesn’t then it asks… And so on. The moral is records are being pulled towards you, rather than pushed towards you. A new record should come quickly, and changed record you have to wait for the cached versions to expire.