DNS Propagation Time

I have signed up for Dreamhosts Free App Hosting package. At this time, it is not in my budget for paid hosting. Drupal and other apps that Dreamhost offers should be able to support my meager blog for now. With that, I don’t have access to the Dreamhost Management panel (to manage domains, etc.).

I have had my domain registered at GoDaddy for several years now and had my name servers pointed to my old web host. Once I signed up for the Deamhost App package using my same domain (theklassens.com), I logged into Go Daddy and changed my name servers to:


It has been over 48 hours since I have done this, but I still do not have access to the Dreamhost apps.

My question is this: Do I need to do anything further or is this just a matter of waiting for DNS to propagate since it can take up to 72 hours.

Apologies if I am just being impatient :slight_smile:

Your WHOIS record looks correct, so that’s good. DNS propagation can take up to 5 days for the most unfortunate.

I’ve not used the Free App hosting, so I didn’t even know that you could use a custom domain. What’s worrisome is that theklassens.com isn’t resolving from my shell account on a DreamHost server. Maybe someone who’s tested out Free App Hosting has more insight into the process.


Propogation is alot quicker these days :wink:

In case a Dev drops in, the nameserver changes have propogated but the assigned IP is (still?) listed as Crystaltech rather than DreamHost.

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Thanks for the replies. Being in the free “DeamHost” camp, I appreciate the time you took.

Anything you can do to help is much appreciated.

Thanks again!

We’re just customers here, so we don’t get any insight into why your setup isn’t working.

Now that I’ve looked, the free apps do let you use your own domain.

However, I don’t see why yours wouldn’t work by now. Is there a typo? If it still looks good, I believe that you have access to the Panel where you can hopefully submit a Support request. If not, try:


Thanks for chiming in Scott. Good to know that from your angle, things should be working too.

This is frustrating. I am not sure why it wouldn’t be working. I have double and triple checked my spelling (on my domain at dreamhost and my name servers at Godaddy) and settings yet nothing resolves to theklassens.com. Nor do the sites that Dreamhost sent me after registering:

http://theklassens.com/user (drupal login site)

Now just so I am not crazy, if I understand correctly (I am second guessing myself here) I don’t need to have any other hosted site. Meaning that I don’t need to have a site setup (Dreamhost or otherwise) that resolves to www.theklassens.com. And then Dreamhost Apps is just used for the sub-domians (photo, blog, wiki, etc.).

From the way I understood it, I could use my custom domain (theklassens.com) here at Dreamhost and use their basic vanilla apps on that domain for free.

If I wanted more customization or word press plug-ins or custom Drupal themes, I needed to sign up for at least Dreamhosts $5.95 a month plan.

Thanks again. Guess my next move is to try and see if I can’t get in touch with someone at Dreamhost. But like I said, I am sure that paying customers are much higher up on their list than me.

If I can’t get in touch, then I guess I’ll have to move on to greener pastures.

Thanks again!

You’ve done everything right. Your WHOIS record says you’re using the DreamHost DNS. Their email tells you what they’ve set up. That should work. Simple as that. You’re on their home field, so it should work as advertised.

Even though you’re not a paying customer, this is a project they’ve put time and money into and it’s in their best interest to look into this issue. I’m sure they’d like to hear if something’s broken.


Don’t know about any list, but the forum, yes! If you post a note linking to this thread down the bottom of the board (in the DreamHostApps section), a Dev might pick up on this issue more expediently :wink:

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I did that about 10 minutes before your reply. Hopefully we’ll get some traction there.

Thanks again!