DNS problems namecheap

ok so i changed my domain’s DNS hosted on namecheap to ns1.dreamhost.com

and i went to add the domain in manage domains and i came up with an error that it was already “in our system”.

Now i was transferred ownership of the domain last year sometime… am i doing something wrong or did i get screwed on this domain.


You’ll need to run it past support. They monitor domains to make sure they don’t get used on two different promo code plans.

If you can be linked to the other account, and both used promo codes, you might have problems.

If it’s someone else’s account, there could also be a chance that he sold you the domain and never removed it from his account.

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It is possible this domain is in the system because it was hosted on DH at some point in the past. They will remove it for you, just place a ticket.

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