DNS Problem

Anyone from support happen to be on?
Non-editable DNS entries have reverted back to an old setting for one of my subs. I haven’t touch DNS setting on this plan since I took the site over in January. I added a new site today which went fine and has the correct DNS info. Is there a way for me to change the incorrect entries on my own without waiting all day for support to get in touch with me?

The ticket is 3326931 if someone from support is checking the boards.

how many hours does it take to get support? An issues caused by dreamhost should be acted on quickly…my site goes down because of a change I am not allowed to make and I can’t even get a ticket acknowledged e-mail back! I tried e-mailing support@dreamhost.com and that kicks back!! really annoyed 200 people on my site and not one damn image

Support tries to respond within 24 hours. What kind of non-editable DNS record is there that’s stopping images from appearing?