DNS problem


I recently bought a few domains. I’m trying to host some subdomains on one of them. I started to use the default mailing list software provided by dreamhost, but I’m thinking about using Mailman instead. However, it seems the old DNS entries for the automatic dreamhost install are still hanging around, which keeps me from using the intended subdomain. Anyone know how I might fix this?


It can take 2-5 days for DNS to catch up. How long ago did you delete the old install?



This was yesterday. Is the 2-5 days for the change to the DNS to propagate, or for the DNS records attached to the domain to expire?


You do realize that the “default” mailing list software Dreamhost uses is mailman, right?



Uh… I guess I didn’t :slight_smile: Thanks for bringing that to my attention!


No problem…I just didn’t want yo see you go to a lot of extra effort if you really didn’t need to :wink:



up to 4 hours is it what it takes in Belgium for dns servers to update, 2 to 5 days is long!

glad i live in Belgium :slight_smile:

slauson.dreamhost.com rocks! (so does my site :))
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Some countries are SLIGHTLY larger than Belgium.



right, and so the connection between the servers take longer to make etc :smiley:

slauson.dreamhost.com rocks! (so does my site :))
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