DNS pointing or URL forwarding

Good afternoon

I’m trying to set up domains so that if I type in, for example, wildbears.com it will go to Wildnature.com/bears.

Wildbears.com ----> Wildnature.com/bears

I would prefer that the domain wildbears.com remain the same, and not display wildnature.com/bears.

Can DNS pointing or URL forwarding so that ?

If so, which will be the better solution?

Thank you for your answers.

If they’re both hosted here, you can create a Fully Hosted wildbears.com and use the /home/username/wildnature.com/bears directory. This will make wildbears.com pull its data from wildnature.com/bears directory.

No. I will be hosting Wildnature.com at Dreamhost, but the Domains will be pointing from a different source.

for example.
If someone goes to Wildbears.com, I want them to see Wildnature.com/bears.

Wildbears.com —> Wildnature.com/bears.

I would prefer if the address bar does not change.

Is DNS pointing or IP Forwarding suitable ?

If so which one is better ?

Thank you

Do what sdayman said but just set an A-record if you really don’t want to use DH’s nameservers.

If they’re not both hosted here, then the address bar will change. You’ll need to set up Wildbears.com as a Redirect to http://wildnature.com/bears