'DNS only' usage



I know how DNS works and how hosting works, this is more a question about how DreamHost handles ‘DNS only’ for an existing domain.

I have a domain that is fully hosted on dreamhost. I have a bunch of subdomains, mailboxes and mail forwarders active.

However, now I want to take only the main web hosting (for domain.com and www.domain.com) outside dreamhost.

If I change the domain from ‘Fully hosted’ to ‘DNS only’ will I preserve everything (subdomains, mail addresses) and be able to edit the ‘A’ records for ‘@’ and ‘www’?



You should be able to hit DNS under the domain and add your own A records (leave the text box blank to alter the main domain).

The MX records can be altered in Mail > Custom MX


I think tho that solution will leave a conflict with the current “automatically generated DNS” entries for the domain, you will probably have to contact support to have those removed.


OK, thanx for the advice, LakeRat