DNS Only - Main Domain Redirects to Sub Domain?


Hi! Just bought a domain with Dreamhost. I am having the site hosted by another provider, and after some reading, my option will be to turn on DNS Only.

For cosmetic reasons, I want something like this to happen:

mydomain.com / www.mydomain.com
will redirect to
sub1.mydomain.com [wordpress installation]

I’m also hoping to have a separate wordpress installation over at sub2.mydomain.com.

Questions are:

  1. Is the redirect possible? Do I need to set up the subdomains first at DH, then point it to my host’s nameservers?

  2. Basically I need my host to let me have 2 wordpress installations, but I am not sure if this is possible seeing as they don’t handle my subdomains.


Is the other provider hosting your sub domains under your domain name? Or there’s?

If yours, then break this into two parts, step 1 get the subdomains working with the hosting, once that is working as expected add a redirect for the main domain.