DNS not working

The DNS has propogated on my domain, but it still isn’t working. It was set up at DH yesterday morning (and the domain itself prior to that). When I look at: http://www.dnsreport.com/tools/dnsreport.ch?domain=mrsbrownsmathclassonline.com
there’s clearly some errors there, but I know diddly about DNS and so I don’t know what’s up.

The only reason I’m posting here is because it’s really an emergency – I have hundreds of math students at a public school depending on this being up tomorrow morning, plus their teacher – and I have no idea what’s wrong. ANY help would be much appreciated.



I’m no expert when it comes to this sutff, but it looks to me like the name is still rppigating across the internet. It takes 12-36 hours for all name servers to update when you make a switch.

It seems to me that some of the DNS servers have updates, while others have not pulled the data yet. I can’t resolve the name from here (greater chicago area) yet, but that does say much.

How long has it been since you update the records with your registrar? If you’re really concerned - you might as well also put a ticket into support, and see if they have any other sigguestions - but bear in mind that if there is an error it will take at least an while for the changes to propigate again.

My guess would be that if the issue really is just waiting for it to finish propigating, it most likely will be up by morning. If not it’s gonna be a day or so.

Hope this helps


Thanks – it really helps a lot to know that it’s not resolved in Chicago. It was registered yesterday morning or Sunday night, and all the tests I can run do return with ns1.dreamhost.com (which is why I was thinking it had propigated). And while I know dns propigation is supposed to take 1-3 days, I’ve never had it take even two hours (perhaps I live in a quickly-propigating area, if there is such a thing!), and here this is going on the end of the second day.

I did hear back from support already, who assure me that the domain is properly configured on their nameserver machines, contrary to the error messages. One thing I hadn’t thought about was perhaps if the dns works in point A (here), maybe it won’t work for hosting until it works at whatever point DH is physically at… that might explain the weird error messages.

Anyway, thanks – if anybody else thinks there’s something wrong (not DNS propigation) from the log above, please let me know. :slight_smile: