DNS, NetworkSolutions, and Earthlink

Put 'em all together and what’ve you got? Utter chaos.

Okay, friend of mine has switched from earthlink to cable acccess.

Her domain name is registered through NetworkSolutions.

The name servers have Earthlink names.

Domain Name: DRTAPP.COM
Whois Server: whois.networksolutions.com
Referral URL: http://www.networksolutions.com

In NetworkSolutions Account screen, it tells me that she hasn’t got a domain there. I can’t get to the DNS Management since it doesn’t see her domain.

We just found out she has 2 accounts but they won’t let her access the second one since it is a ‘reseller program’ where ‘the reseller made the transaction for her.’

Is this an Earthlink problem and do I need to go to them to find this answer?

Oh, duh, I am doing this because I am going to maintain her website after transfering it here. I am trying to rename the DNS stuff so it will work.

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She bought the domain name(s) from Earthlink? Hasn’t Earthlink given her a control panel URL? That’s who she should contact first (then give you the info). DNS has to be changed through the registrar or reseller. I wonder if Network Solutions would create a log in for her if she showed them DNS entries for the domains and gave them whatever security info they need?


Appearantly, when she signed up with Earthlink/Mindspring, the cost of the domain registration was part of the package. She didn’t have to go to NetworkSolutions and buy it herself.

I spent a long time piddling around on Earthlink’s site and couldn’t find much.

Still looking.

Where are we going and why are we in this basket?
mine - http://holyroller.org
dog’s - http://joella.holyroller.org

I had a client in a similar situation involving another registrar. The registrar used a reseller; we were supposed to contact the reseller who had no info on the customer. We contacted the registrar itself and they insisted we must go through the reseller. (They started out with Yahoo hosting and had moved away from them before involving me.) Yahoo Hosting was no help; possibly because my client was a former customer.

I got called in as they were about to lose their domain so I simply ask for a transfer of registrar to godaddy ($8.95 a year.) via godaddy.com’s webpage. Much better than $35 a year and to my pleasant surprise no hassles getting the domain transferred whereas I thought it was going to be an absolute nightmare. As a matter of fact, the transfer went through without any further emails or phone calls. (But I’d have your client prepared with all their info to make sure the domain is being properly transferred.)

Once in godaddy’s hands, we had full access to in our case change the DNS to Dreamhost from yet another host.


GoDaddy’s very reasonably priced. DreamHost offers domains too. Have you actually contacted support at Earthlink about this? Because their website can be a long and winding road. Since both Earthlink and NS are large, reputable companies, I’m guessing at least one of them will realize they have a responsibility. Maybe Earthlink can provide you with the registration information that you could use at NS.


That is the current plan of action. To contact Earthlink that is.

I appreciate everyone’s help.

Where are we going and why are we in this basket?
mine - http://holyroller.org
dog’s - http://joella.holyroller.org