DNS Messed UP?!?!

Ok, somethings hosed.
The DNS entries for my domains (areafiftyone.us, etc.)
appear to have completely vanished from the newdream.net
name servers. This is a MAJOR problem, as my domains
are now unreachable! If I do a
dig @ns.newdream.net. areafiftyone.us.
It returns NO records, when it should be returning
an A record for that domain. Contrast with
dig @ns.newdream.net. newdream.net.
Which returns ‘IN A’ for newdream.net.

Replying to self…
Looks like things are working again. Hopefully whatever
was up will be posted on the status pages.
Really, what I’d like is for any messing around with DNS servers
to be posted to the status page with time estimates.
There is nothing more aggravating than to find your
domains completely unreachable, and for the DreamHost
status pages to claim everythings hunkey-dorey. Grrr.

I’m not sure why there wasn’t an announcement about this. There was a very bad database goof that caused temporary problems with DNS for some number of domains.

This has been fixed, and DNS is being regenerated for the affected domains.