Dns management?!

Hi there, so I own the domain name www.jonfrank.org.

A few months back I created a wordpress blog - www.jonfrank.org/blog - which has been working fine.

Only a few days ago I created a website using viewbook for the domain - www.jonfrank.org. In order to customise my url to www.jonfrank.org, I had to configure my domain name with my register (dreamhost) by creating a DNS ‘A’ Record. I did this (hopefully correctly??) and it took 24 hrs to activate, but it’s now working well i.e www.jonfrank.org is pointing to my viewbook website.

The problem now is that I’ve lost access to the blog. When I search the url www.jonfrank.org/blog, is takes me to a blank viewbook page.

How do I rectify this?! Sorry, very new to all this stuff.

thanks heaps!


It will not work because http://www.jonfrank.org/blog is under domain www.jonfrank.org which has been pointed to a different location.

I’ll suggest you to create a sub-domain (e.g. blog.jonfrank.org) and point the domain directory to /home/yourusername/jonfrank.com/blog

When I look-up the IP associated with jonfrank.org I see that it is a dreamhost IP that is returned. If dreamhost is both your registrar and your hosting provider, you should let the panel manage your DNS and not attempt to make manually generated entries that point back to dreamhost. The manual entry facility is made available in case you wish to say create an entry that points outside of dreamhost.[hr]
My apologies I also keep forgetting what viewbook is. The previous advice by patricktan is the cleanest.