DNS Issue?

I added another domain to the account. The domain is registered at another registrar and I put in the Dreamhost names servers (ns1.dreamhost.com, etc). When I go to the control panel and check that domain’s “DNS Domain Name” data by clicking [Edit] it says the following:

“There does not appear to be any DNS information in the database for this zone (redpillpress.com). It is possible that you’ve just added this domain and DNS hasn’t been updated yet (wait 30 minutes). You should also verify that your domain includes ‘dns’ service from Domain : Manage (you may need to add it).”

I’ve already waited way more than 30 minutes and still an nslookup doesn’t show any records for the domain. I added it as a fully hosted domain, so that should include DNS too, right?

Did I miss something?

It looks like it should be working now. I guess it took longer than 30 minutes?

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I noticed a general slowdown in DNS subdomain propagations over the last two months, the last taking over six hours to be active -> #4646112

I believe something is not 100%, DNS changes use to be quick but as I said they are not lately…

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I created two domains, one immediately after the other, today. The first domain had its DNS up and running (“active”) within about 20 minutes. The second domain still isn’t in DNS (still in “changed” state in the manage screen) almost seven hours later. What gives?

Managing anything now appears to take DAYS.


DH are aware of the DNS slow issue as I been having an email discussion with Support over this (I got caught by it and lost a support site for half a day which did not make me very happy)

I do think Dreamhost need to send out something about it, it been going on now for 6 odd weeks…

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I wonder if this is due to the recent excessive delays on panel operations generally, rather than DNS specifically? E.g. yesterday a non-DNS operation stated to complete in 2 hours took over 5 (but less than 13) here.

yeah, i have a change password that’s been pending for 4 hours now… :: sigh ::

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In case it helps, I recently was waiting for password change that never happened, due to forgetting that though when you create a user with mail address you specify just one password, when you come to change it on the Passwords tab there are two user instances (one under Users and one under Mailboxes) so you need to make the change in two places. Unless you really want two users with same name and different passwords!