DNS issue with my registrar

I’d like to move my domain to dreamhost.com, but my registrar only lets me set the ip address for subdomains like www, ftp, mail and a few others.
I have another site on dreamhost.com, on server esprit. Is it possible to only set the IP address to that of esprit on my registrar’s dumb site?

Are you saying that:

  1. Your other registrar won’t let you set the nameservers for your domain to ns1.dreamhost.com, ns2.dreamhost.com, and ns3.dreamhost.com?
  2. You don’t want to (or can’t) transfer your domain registration to DreamHost?

You can obviously set the IP address of those specific subdomains to whatever IP address ends up being your web server for the domain/subdomain you add hosting for here at Dreamhost, but before we talk about that, is there a reason either of the above two options doesn’t work for you?

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Thanks for the answer. In the meantime the problem was solved. My registrar lets me set the A records, so I put the A records found in the DNS records on dreamhost.com

I’d like to move the domain to any registrar, but now I have to wait at least a year to do that.
Anyway, it’s working and I don’t need more help.

Thanks again!

You don’t have to wait a year. Only 60 days. Granted, you won’t be getting any refund from your registrar, but at $10/yr here, it might be that bad of a loss.


And it’s not really a loss since you’re extending your registration…

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The problem is that it’s a .ro domain. I don’t know for sure if the rules are the ones you tell me about.
And there’s another thing: in fact it’s a promotion on my friend’s mobile phone carrier. He pays 1 Euro/month for the domain + some 50M hosting space. I wanted to help him about this becase he had a lot of problems with their mysql database.

Didn’t know it was .ro

I found one places that charges 69 per year. Sounds like your friend’s deal is pretty good. Hopefully you can get the DNS straightened out for good until you transfer the domain. If you could set it to use the DreamHost nameservers, you’d be set.