DNS hosting


Hi guys,

I have a domain that is hosted on another ISP that doesn’t give me any kind of control in case I want to use a bind on my own server exclusively. That sucks! :frowning:
I read about DNS hosting using Dreamhost as a secondary DNS and my own server as the primary DNS, but I couldn’t understand clearly why paying since I have the domain and the server.
Can you explain better? Is that because you’ll be the new registrar?

I just want to set my server as the primary DNS server and Dreamhost as the secondary DNS server and have them in sync.




I don’t know that DH offer DNS Hosting, never seen that on my DH control panel or maybe I missed it :slight_smile:

If you need DNS Hosting as your Secondary DNS Server, try google it (free dns hosting) if you haven’t done it, you might be surprise what you might found.