DNS Hosting and forwarding

Ok my knowledge of hosting and domains etc is quite limited so sorry if my terminology is not up to scratch!

Basically I want to use dreamhsots to host all my clients websites. Most of them will already have a domain (lets take www.cola.com that’s with uk2.net) but I want to have the hosting of the site on my dreamhost account along with email hosting and unique FTP.

Now before when forwarding on addressed I would just type in forward www.cola.com to www.blue22.co.uk/cola/index.html for example. But this obviously isn’t the best way of doing it as I was the cola domain to stay in tact on every page so cola.com.index cola.com/shop.php etc etc

How does it work and how do it do it? And how do I set up the email hosting on my account when they domain is with uk2.net – for example they want boss@cola.com the domain is with uk2 but the hosting is with dreamhost – so how do I host the email box when dreamhost has no control of the domain?

Thanks for your help

Sorry im very confused

Thanks again


Hey Joe,

I don’t know if I understood well , but my guess is you want to host both blue22.co.uk and cola.com on DH and you want to access cola.com either by typing cola.com or by accessing blue22.co.uk/cola , right ?

If that’s the case then you should fully host blue22.co.uk in you cpanel , let’s say in webdirectory : /home/username/blue22 . Then you should fully host cola.com in webdirectory /home/username/blue22/cola … that way cola will be a subdirectory of blue22.co.uk , but will be also accessible under cola.com

As for the email , it depends on your registrar ( where you log to control your domain name ) but most of them will just let you change the dns servers to point to any dns , in this case :


This mainly means that anyone that will somehow try to use your domain name either in web or email will be redirected to DH servers .
After you fully host both your domains as I indicated before you should update your registrar data to be the same as above , then you can go to your DH panel and add user emails , you can then access those by typing : webmail.cola.com for cola emails or webmail.blue22.co.uk for blue22 emails .

Hope that helps .

Regards , Manar

Thanks for the reply Manar, sorry for the confusion.

I have blue22.co.uk and bluetwentytwo.co.uk domains which is my website. (at the moment i have webspace and blue22.co.uk domain with streamline and bluetwentytwo.c.uk is at nicnames which redirects to blue22.co.uk)

Now im with DH im going to transfer both my uk domains to uk2.net (as DH dont host uk domains) and create a new .com domain with DH - i will then make the .uk domains redirect to the .com domain at DH. So that side of things is sorted.

Now say for example i have a client who has the domain cola.com and i want to host their website on my webspace at DH.

Previously i would just create a folder in my ftp called cola and upload the files which would give the address www.blue22.co.uk/cola/index.html

Obviously this isn’t that best way to do things as its been redirected away from the cola.com domain and displaying my domain

i would like to upload the files to a unique address. So when they go to cola.com it isn’t being directed to blue22.com/cola/index.html but cola.com/index.html

Again sorry if im not making sense, its really hard to me to explain!

you just need to add all the domains that you want, and create users for each client.
Enable FTP for each client.
That should be it.

For enabling domain redirects, when adding them just choose to mirror or redirect

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the domains aren’t with dreamhost they with a uk host. i just want tthem pointing to dreamhost and have their own FTP etc so i can point blue22.co.uk to dreamhost and have a unique FTP where i upload all my files for the blue22.co.uk site

go here

add there the domain that you want to use, and on your UK domain registar, point the nameservers to ns1,ns2,ns3 of dreamhost ass mention on this page.
When u are done, let us know, so we can take care of the rest.


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