DNS Help

I just moved the company that I work for over to dreamhost after our co-lo box was fried and took all of our DNS, email server and web hosting with it.

On my mandrake co-lo box I had the www.mycompany.com record point to a third party IP address as we have our eccomerce hosted by Flashecomm. We then had our other sub domains and email hosted on the co-lo box. I have successfully set up mail and sub domains but can not figure out how to edit the main DNS record to point at our hosting site. Am I missing some thing?
They are listed as "Non-editable."
Hows do i change the Main A record and the www. record to point to my host?

wiki is helpful http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/Domains_Control_Panel

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Try removing the parent domain from the DreamHost hosting system by going to Manage Domains and clicking the small [x] under the Web Hosting column. Of-course, you should make sure you have added any required sub-domains first, as I don’t think you will be able to add any more sub-domains after doing this. :slight_smile:

After the changes have made their way through the DreamHost system you should be able to add the main A-Record and WWW A-Record for the domain.


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that worked, I thought it did not at first, but it took longer to propagate than I expected. Thanks for the help

I know what you mean, it can be frustrating at times waiting for DNS to propagate, but unfortunately we don’t really have a choice, that’s just the way things work.

No problem, I am always glad to help out where I can.

Good luck.


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