DNS - Help please

Hi, I’ve had a few issues switching my domains over and was hoping someone could help me understand the basics, to help me moving forward.

I don’t want to keep emailing support and I have read both:


I’m using one click WP installs to create my sites, but my domain names are hosted elsewhere.

I do not want to transfer my domain names or emails, I just want to point the DNS to my WP site once I am finished editing. (Which I believe is a simple change to DNS at my current host)

So I have added my domain name to the Manage Domain Name section, I have then created a mirror for that domain name and started building my site… However, I am having issues installing a theme and somebody has suggested I can upload it manually via FTP. Whilst in my Manage Domain section, I notice that I can not access my FTP using my usual login info, but I can access it via another site. I have also noticed that I can not access phMyadmin for that domain name.

When my site is ready and I point my DNS, I will need to remove the mirror domain name. However, I did this before and ended up manually having to change the database files over to my usual domain name as they were still attached to the mirror domain.
I want to avoid doing this again so can somebody tell me exactly which files I need to update before I remove the mirror.

Also, can somebody tell me if I have done something wrong, which could be effecting my theme installation problems?


Just to be clear: You are at no stage prepared to point your domain to the DH nameservers ?

I uploaded the theme via FTP, so no problems there now.

I wasn’t sure why I could’t access the FTP via the domain name, it seems weird that I have to login through another domain name. I’m also wondering why I can’t access my DB for that domain name, Theres a page error (Obviously as I haven’t actually registered my domain name) but the database must be somewhere and there are no options to access it via the mirror domain.

I know it sounds stupid but I’m just trying to make sense of it to try and avoid any downtime.

When I am ready to point my DNS over to dream hosts, where do I switch over the domain urls before I delete my mirror site?