DNS help - accessing website from my domain

I have a limited knowledge of server and what I am trying to do is eventually have my own exchange server controlling my mail. The problem that I am having is that any computer on my domain (which is the same as my website) can access any site on the internet except the one I have hosted with dreamhost. After troubleshooting with ping, tracert, and nslookup, and many searches on google it definitely appears to be a problem with the dns service on my server. I am running server 2008 R2 and have dns configured with a mx in the forward zone and a reverse lookup zone. Any ideas on how to configure my dns to fix this problem? Yes I know what I am trying to do is overkill, but it is good training. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here are the results from ping, tracert, and nslookup

Ping - Ping request could not find host www…com Please check the name and try again.

Tracert - Unable to resolve target system name www…com

Nslookup - *** Domain controller (computer name of the dc)…com can’t find www…com: Non-existent domain

I had to deal with this same problem on a 2003 server at some point…

If I remember correctly, you have to poke around in the DNS settings for that domain and configure your DNS service to look to the next server for names within your domain that it can’t resolve. I think by default it is set to check within its local database for records within the domain, and it just fails if it doesnt have it. It has to be configured to look for a record, and if it can’t find it go out to your ISPs DNS server or whatever. I wish I knew exactly how to change this setting but I forget.

…or if your site has a static IP just add a manual A record.

Thanks for your help!