DNS H-E-Doublehockeysticks

I’m a total DH newbie - I have my spankin’ new crazy domain all working for me this this weekend and hope to transfer a site that’s up and running somewhere else to DH next week.

My client says she just renewed her domain at 6star.com but she cannot remember her password. After several phone calls, they told me don’t show her account, but she said they told her that last time she called them. Meanwhile, after becoming more and more UNimpressed with them and their support, I decided to transfer the domain to DH when I signed up yesterday. Soooooo…

I went to whois to see who is actually holding on to her domain and she’s not listed there. I’ve got to find that out so I can change the DNS stuff to the DH account, right? Is there a way to do that in this crazy insane situation? I’ve looked through the forums, but can’t find anything that answers this question…

Yeeks! And I’ve only just begun! But I will say this - DH (and all you guys) are super dreamy compared to the others! Yeah DH!


Ok, well I found the domain registration at onlineNIC.com, but don’t have any way to get to the account as yet. jeepers this is fun.