DNS for previoulsly registered domain

I am trying to switch my hosting from another provider to dreamhost. My domain is already registered (vidog.com). I also already have a DNS server hosting solution (zoneedit) that I’ve been using happily for a long time. My plan with dreamhost is the “crazy domain insane” plan. So, two questions:

  1. Is it expected that I switch my domain DNS to be hosted by dreamhost? I’d prefer to stay with my existing DNS hosting solution.

  2. If I don’t have to switch my domain DNS hosting to dreamhost, then I need to know the IP addresses of the mail and web server so that I can setup the MX record, etc. In the panel there are server names listed for web and mail, but it seems that those are only used for uploading. I must be missing something.


We prefer if you switch over to us (I think there are some past threads on this forum which explain why). If not, I would highly recommend purchasing a unique IP.

If you’re using us for mail as well, I’d doubly recommend switching to us. Is there some reason you prefer not to switch?

Thanks for your quick response, Will.

I’m switching to dreamhost after serving both my mail and web needs on a server I’ve been running on my static IP DSL line at home for about two years, so please bare with me as I let go of things that I used to have more control over! :wink:

In the long run, I have no problem with moving my DNS hosting to dreamhost, it’s more of a short term concern. I’m worried about having to wait the week or so for the new DNS servers to be propagated throughout the internet, and in the mean time some of my email will still be hitting my server on my DSL line, and some of it will going to dreamhost. To complicate matters, I’m headed out
of town for 10 days next week, and I don’t want to have to stress out about my email bouncing for some reason. So, I guess I just have some paranoia built up.

I was thinking of two possible solutions:

  1. I could configure the MX record at zoneedit (my current hosting solution) to be whatever dreamhost wants it to be, and thus while I’m waiting for the DNS servers for my domain to switch over, mail should be delivered only to dreamhost.

  2. I could configure the MX record at dreamhost to point to my existing mail server, and then after all the DNS name server propagation has taken place, I could switch the MX record to point to dreamhost mail hosting.

I guess I’d prefer option 1 so that I can start using dreamhost for my mail right away. Do you know what the mx record entry should be for me to do this?



In the short term, it will be no problem - it’s just that long-term, things will probably change on our side.

To get the proper DNS records, query our nameservers. If you have access to a UNIX machine, you can use host or dig to do this:

jazz% host -t mx infinitejazz.net ns1.dreamhost.com
Using domain server:
Name: ns1.dreamhost.com

infinitejazz.net mail is handled by 0 mx2.swarthy.mail.dreamhost.com.
infinitejazz.net mail is handled by 0 mx1.swarthy.mail.dreamhost.com.

If it’s a new domain, it should probably be mx1.postal.mail.dreamhost.com and mx2.postal.mail.dreamhost.com with an equal weight… but you should query our nameservers to be sure.

Thanks Will, I can work with that.