DNS for a .uk domain

I’m thinking of going with dreamhost for my hosting. I’ll be using it for several domains, at least one of which will be a .uk domain. I believe this is done by adding the domain in the DH control panel then giving the DH DNS server addresses to the registrar of the domain. Is that correct?

My question is, where do I then edit DNS entries for that domain. Is it completely controlled at DH or is it still managed through the registrar, or a combination of the two?

So, say I want to add a subdomain or add an SPF record, where would I do this?


Once you’ve delegated nameservices to DreamHost, everything beyond answering the question: “What are yourdomain.tld’s nameservers?” is answered at the DreamHost nameservers and managed at DreamHost.

Yup, all through your control panel at DreamHost. Note that you can additionally forward subdomain DNS to another nameserver. I’ve actually been thinking about whether this could usefully be used in those situations where you want to manage a domain somewhere else but host the subdomain here at DreamHost.

Anyway, hope that answers your questions. If you have any ore specific questions, just let us know!

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Yes, that does :-). Thanks very much.

Lesman has answered your question clearly.

Here is just some extra info. You can find more information in dreamhost wiki website.


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