DNS failures


Seems something’s wonky with DH’s DNS servers. ns1, ns2 and ns3 all fail to reply to a dig. I can’t get to any of my domains, mail, web, ftp all down.


I think they are all dead unless DreamHost have run off to South America with all our money. :wink:



Servers still unreachable. Digs still failing. Pings to the dns servers are dropping ~25% of the packets. Loading the discussion pages is impossible 90% of the time. Support backlog climbed from ~240 to 330 in the last hour. Nothing on the emergency status page. WTF?


Looks like the hamsters powering the DNS servers just woke up. Digs are responding now.


Much Wierdness here…All my stuff went borked (nothing would resolve) first noticed at about 0220 PST - dreamhost.com slow resolving…everythingelse.dreamhost.com was unreachable.

They finally put something up on the status.dreamhost.com page timestamped 0434 PST, and all seems well now.

The really wierd thing was about 20 minutes during this thing when http://dreamhost.com was showing the USC Annenberg Online Journalism Review (I got this cool screengrab with the dreamhost.com in the address bar but the USC page in the browser.)

I know that stuff happens, but I’m not real thrilled that it seemed to take them over two hours to realize they had a major DNS borking. No systems operator working nites? Asleep? Smashing cell phones?

Must not have any suppoprt types available either, as it was over two hours after I reported the problem that the status page showed they were aware of it.

OR - they just are taking the status page that seriously, and don’t bother to update it religiously. In the one case, I’m not real happy if they really didn’t know for two hours; if it was the other case, I guess the status page is really not of much use…